Independent Insurance Agents/Brokers

Build Your Business By Partnering With Us

Every broker wants to provide their client with any insurance product need they may need. Here’s the catch – Not every broker has the right carrier, right product, or insight to fulfill those needs. What happens in this case? Most likely, the broker will refer their client to someone else or turn their client down. No broker wants that to happen. That’s where we come in!

Whether you are an experienced or brand new to the industry, we help any independent broker/agent take their business to the next level. Our carrier partnerships, experience, training programs, technology, back-end support, and customer service allow us to provide independent insurance agents with everything they need! Let’s look at a quick example:

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Broker A

Broker A meets with their client. However, Broker A only specializes in life insurance. The client asks for health insurance. Broker A can’t help the client and turns them down. This causes a missed opportunity to be a solution for the client.

Broker B

Broker B meets with their client. Broker B partners with Broker Brother's & Co. and now specializes in Life and health insurance. The client asks for health insurance. Broker B can now help the client and sets them up with a great health insurance plan. This brings the opportunity to be the solution for the client.

Our Partners Are Provided With

  • Access to the best insurance carriers and products in the industry
  • Training programs, mentoring, support, and technology/platforms
  • Higher commissions

Want to Partner with Us? Here are the next steps.

  • Schedule an appointment. Simply click “schedule” at the bottom of this page to email our team to set up an appointment.
  • During your discussion with us, we will find out exactly what carriers/products you will need to better serve any client that comes your way. 
  • After your discussion with one of our team members, we will get your contracted, trained, and on your feet with the appropriate carriers/products.

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